Porsche Cayman R PDK (2013, 3.5L)

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About Porsche Cayman R PDK (2013, 3.5L)

The Cayman R - PDK is a vehicle manufactured by Porsche. It was released in the year 2013 and comes with an automatic transmission. The engine size of this vehicle is 3436 cc or 3.5 L, and it runs on petrol fuel. The Cayman R - PDK has an urban fuel efficiency of 20.2 MPG, an extra-urban fuel efficiency of 42.8 MPG, and a combined fuel efficiency of 30.4 MPG. It has a CO2 emission level of 218 g/km and emits 106 mg/km of CO, 41 mg/km of THC, and 13 mg/km of NOx. The noise level produced by this vehicle is measured at 74.0 dB(A). It adheres to the Euro 5 standard and belongs to the ED band K.

Emissions Summary

The Cayman R - PDK emits 218 g/km of CO2, which contributes to climate change and environmental pollution. It also emits 106 mg/km of CO, 41 mg/km of THC, and 13 mg/km of NOx. These emissions can have an impact on air quality and human health.

Emissions Data

Name Value
CO2 Emissions 218
CO Emissions 106
THC Emissions 41
NOx Emissions 13

Miles Per Gallon

Name Value
MPG (Combined) 30.4
MPG (Urban) 20.2
MPG (Extra-Urban) 42.8

Vehicle Details

Name Value
Model Cayman R
Year 2013
Description PDK
Transmission Automatic
Transmission Type A7
Engine Size (litres) 3.5
Engine Size (cc) 3436
Fuel Petrol
Noise Level 74.0
Euro Standard 5
VED Band K