Porsche Panamera 6-speed with resistance optimised tyres (2010, 3.7L)

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About Porsche Panamera 6-speed with resistance optimised tyres (2010, 3.7L)

The Porsche Panamera is a luxury vehicle manufactured by Porsche. This particular model was released in the year 2010 and features a 6-speed transmission. Equipped with resistance optimised tyres, it offers a smooth and efficient driving experience. The engine size of this vehicle is 3605 cc or 3.7 L, running on petrol fuel. It also boasts a decent fuel economy, with MPG (miles per gallon) ratings of 17.5 in both urban and extra-urban driving conditions, resulting in an impressive combined MPG of 25.4. With a stylish design and advanced features, the Panamera with its various engine sizes and release years offers a diverse range of choices for discerning drivers.

Emissions Summary

The Porsche Panamera with a 3605 cc engine emits 260 g/km of CO2, which indicates its carbon dioxide emissions. Additionally, it releases 492 mg/km of CO (carbon monoxide), 38 mg/km of THC (total hydrocarbon), and 7 mg/km of NOx (nitrogen oxides) emissions. These data indicate the emission levels of these specific pollutants generated by the vehicle during operation. The Panamera's emissions are within the regulatory limits set by governing bodies, and its comprehensive emissions profile ensures a reduced impact on the environment.

Emissions Data

Name Value
CO2 Emissions 260
CO Emissions 492
THC Emissions 38
NOx Emissions 7

Miles Per Gallon

Name Value
MPG (Combined) 25.4
MPG (Urban) 17.5
MPG (Extra-Urban) 17.5

Vehicle Details

Name Value
Model Panamera
Year 2010
Description 6-speed with resistance optimised tyres
Transmission Type M6
Engine Size (litres) 3.7
Engine Size (cc) 3605
Fuel Petrol
Noise Level 73.0